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We at Femmes du Vin are outraged by the experiences of our fellow women in wine as reported by The New York Times and Julia Moskin - but sadly, stories like these are not surprising. This type of behaviour is rampant in many industries, and the world of wine is no different. Women are exploited, intimidated and held down by this behaviour and we say enough is enough. 

We stand with, and commend Victoria James, Liz Mitchell, Jane Lopes, and Courtney Schiessl for their courage in telling their stories  while acknowledging the experiences of so many women whose stories remain untold. 

If we are to see change in this industry we need to demand it. 

We are calling an emergency meeting of our BOD to compile our thoughts and also, more importantly, a plan of action. This does not end here, enough is enough.  Stay tuned to our instagram for our official statement. 

In the meantime, if you have not read the NY Times article, please see the link in our Instagram bio. We encourage you to share, because without these voices being heard, nobody can be held accountable.

- The Femmes du Vin Team



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