We are excited to launch our mentorship program in 2021 to foster and further the careers of women in the wine trade!


At Femmes du Vin our mission is to create a safe, inclusive and collaborative community of and for women - and those who identify as women - in the world of wine to connect with and learn from leaders in the global wine industry. 


With our mentorships, we strive to enlist women at the top of their game in all aspects, countries, positions and titles of the wine and hospitality business and connect them with emerging women in the industry who want to be inspired and guided in their career journeys. 


This program is designed to assist youth, emerging professionals, and those making career changes later in life to build their confidence and abilities as well as connect trailblazers and legendary women to the next generation. Mentors and mentees will be matched through an application process based on the goals and aspirations of the applicants. 


Through FduV we aim to encourage more women to enter the wine & hospitality industry feeling empowered in the knowledge that they are supported by a strong community wanting for them to succeed.