At Femmes du Vin our educational goal is to feature and spotlight experts in the vast field of wine who identify as a woman. These voices can enlighten & inspire our viewers with their journeys and their wine. 


We aim to create unique educational opportunities by bringing cutting edge and relevant topical programming. These will be offered in virtual and in-person seminars as well as networking events that are accessible to all.


By working with a variety of industry and community partners we co-create original and relevant content. This offers our viewers the opportunity to interact, learn, build relationships with and also offers each and every voice the ability to ask questions. Integrity is and will be the cornerstone of our education platform and we will tackle any and all subjects we feel are relevant to our community. 


Our mission is always to include moderators and panellists from a wide range of backgrounds in order to provide a reflective representation of our world in terms of age, religion, ethnic backgroud, sexual identity and socio-economic status to embrace inclusion and build a diverse wine community. We welcome all to join in our seminars. Programming will be offered on a 'suggested donation' basis where a portion of funds collected are integrated into the FDV Scholarship programs, assisting women around the globe in furthering their wine studies and careers.