Graduation Day


We are proud to focus on providing opportunities for all women in the wine community. The recipients of the FdV scholarships range from Sommeliers, writers, judges, educators to independent businesswomen and more. Scholarships are open to women around the world. Applicants are eligible to receive educational trips as well as monetary support for education, and career advancement. We recognize the additional challenges women face based on age, race, background, orientation and ethnicity and as such our scholarship fund prioritizes these women.



Who can apply? 
The scholarships are open to anyone who identifies as female, from anywhere in the world.

How old do I need to be to apply? 
You must be of legal drinking age in your country of origin. 

What can I use the scholarship for?
Funds can be put towards travel, education, attendance at industry events, research & development (for example research into creating an app or the development of a business plan) and other career-advancement. 

When can I apply? 
There will be two deadlines for the scholarships. One following our fall conference and the other following our spring conference.

How much is the scholarship worth?
Scholarships are in the amount of CAD$1000.00 for each successful applicant.

Do I need to be a sommelier to apply?
No. The scholarships are open to all fields within the wine industry, including but not limited to sommeliers, wine writers, businesswomen, enology students, and restaurant & hospitality professionals.

What is the selection process?
In order to ensure a fair and transparent process, all applications will be submitted to the jury blind, meaning that the jury will not have access to the names of the applicants.